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The eerie emptiness of Scotland's capital

A series of photographs captures the strange lack of people on the streets of Edinburgh

Empty street in Edinburgh
BBC Sport

The photographger encounters one woman, Sheena - masked up in a supermarket and wearing a home-made visor - out shopping for essential supplies for her housebound mother.

woman in mask

"I feel like I’m in Sarajevo, running from invisible snipers,”



Scottish gossip

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Unused college canteen food donated to foodbanks

Colleges across the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) network have donated unused produce from canteens to foodbanks.

With campuses shutting their doors to help prevent the spread of coronavirus,catering staff have handed over foodstuffs including fruit, vegetables, pasta, milk, bread and eggs to charities around the region.

Orkney College UHI donated items to Orkney Foodbank, Inverness College UHI gave provisions to Inverness Foodstuff at Ness Bank Church.

West Highland College UHI in Fort William has given produce to Lochaber Foodbank and Perth College UHI handed oversupplies to Anchor House.

Moray College UHI in Elgin has donatedsurplus goods to Moray Foodbank and Argyll College UHI made a delivery to Hope Kitchen in Oban.

Foodbank delivery
Unused food being dropped off at a foodbank in Oban

Dumfries and Galloway Council pledges 'we will do what we can' to ease financial pressure

Council HQ
Billy McCrorie

The local authority met today to look at how to share out its ?1.48m slice of the Scottish government hardship fund.

It agreed a range of priority areas such as housing, food and connectivity.

Council leader Elaine Murray urged community groups to get in touch if they knew of areas where people needed help.

"Council members are committed to leading our region through this crisis and sustaining support in the longer term," she said.